The journey began in 1991 when I got bit by a tick. It was Christmas break during my second year studying television production when the symptoms unleashed. 

I’d never been so sick.

I spent the next 19 years going from doctors to tests to hospitals to herbalists to energy healers to specialists to anything and anyone who I thought might be able to help me. Then I ended up in a class with Marianne Williamson. I was in pain, and feeling beyond hopeless. I raised my hand to ask a question, even though reaching out for help was not my usual MO. She asked me to come see her at the end of the day. I don’t even remember what we spoke about. I only recall her response. She said she’d pray for me and that there was someone out there who could help me. I rode on faith’s coattails for several months until….

Several months later I discovered Dr. Bruce Hoffman, a functional medicine doctor who was committed to helping me put the pieces of my pathological puzzle together. My diagnosis included a confounding combo of conditions that over the years evolved to include: Lyme disease, mold toxicity, gastroparesis, CIRS, POTS, anxiety, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, food allergies, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, mast cell activation syndrome, histamine and methylation issues.  It was quite a laundry list. But I got better. 

Here’s one of the main things I learned along the way.

Our pain is our purpose in disguise. 

For over twenty-five years, I struggled with chronic illness only to discover it was my doorway through which I would grow exponentially. 

Here’s another thing I’ve learned. 

Life is lived forwards but understood backwards.  

Despite my “hell-th’ journey, many opportunities have found their way to me through my chronic illness. Instrumental in my healing was attending a weekend workshop facilitated by inherited family trauma master Mark Wolynn in 2010. Those two days were a game-changer. I connected many of the dots that would later become pivotal stepping-stones for me. Since that weekend 10 years ago, I became the organizer Mark’s training programs and have trained in every facet of his work.

Since then, I’ve become a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and help others fast track their healing process. 

I’m also a neuroscience geek obsessed with learning about the brain and have studied with neuroplasticity experts Rick Hanson, Annie Hopper and Lisa Wimberger. I also spent a year taking Martha Beck’s life coaching program.  

I’m also a Young Living essential oil specialist teaching the benefits of oils and their affect on the brain. Twenty-six seconds and bam, they are impacting our limbic system and down regulating our stress response.

Let me help you find the power that’s always lived inside you.


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