3 Ways to Tell If Inherited Family Trauma Could be Undermining Your Health

Sometimes we have to do more than detox, get 8+ hours of sleep, balance our hormones, eat right and move our body. Most times, there is more to the story. Looking at the unresolved traumas and emotional residue we carry from our parents and grandparents can be the very thing that changes everything. Unbeknownst to us, this unconscious inheritance can be the software that is running our lives in the background. To continue the computer analogy, rarely are we born with a clean hard drive. We’ve all heard…

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New Research

Kudos to Dr. Bianca Jones Marlin for the fascinating research she’s doing at Columbia University. Click below if you want to learn more about epigenetics and inherited family trauma….

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Your Brain on Lavender Oil

There is more to essential oils than their ability to make our homes smell nice. There is actually solid science behind the effect that essential oils can have on our brain and ultimately our physical and emotional health. Over twenty-thousand studies can be found on PubMed.  Speaking of science, the patient in this qEEG (quantitative EEG ) map had a history of stress and anxiety as indicated by the white areas in the 'before' map showing that the brain was in park or on vacation. After inhaling the lavender…

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Epigenetics: Why Inheritance Is Weirder Than We Thought

What if we inherit more than our mom’s green eyes and our dad’s curly hair? What if the challenges we face and the ways we get stuck are linked to the heartbreaks, resentments and disappointments of our parents and grandparents? Unbeknownst to us, there’s an emotional inheritance from previous generations that lives in our depression, anxiety, financial hardships, relationship struggles and even our perpetual people pleasing. It’s time to connect the dots, break the cycle and find the roadmap to our resilience. There’s a science to how we…

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